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The View from the Back of the Theater, Further.

Fenster writes: I wrote here of Andrew McCarthy’s analysis of the current political situation that while McCarthy sticks to the facts and builds hypotheses carefully on the basis of what is actually known, he is left hanging, unable to come … Continue reading

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Wonton Speculation

Fenster writes: Citizenship increasingly resembles a night at the movies.  Better yet, an obscure foreign art film without subtitles.  Better yet, a foreign miniseries with multiple plot lines and seasons, each uncertain climax leading us not to clarity but to … Continue reading

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Primer on Refugee Law

Fenster writes: No, Fenster is not doing a primer on refugee law.  He can only comment as a rank amateur on what looks like a good primer (thanks to the highly credible Volokh Conspiracy for the link). The primer, written … Continue reading

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Letter from Benelux

Fenster writes: As I wrote here, I am in Ghent for a week, with a stop first in Amsterdam and with a side trip across the border to Germany. Nothing against the homeland but when I travel I prefer the … Continue reading

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