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Is it Showtime?

Fenster writes: If you are anti-Trump you may well believe it is Showtime: time has finally run out on the Orange Man, and Mueller will crater the bastard real soon now. If you are pro-Trump, or at least anti-swamp, anti-Clinton … Continue reading

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Linkage: The Other Side of Russiagate

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Former intelligence pros believe the Dems’ data was leaked, not hacked. Ray McGovern and Bill Binney do a nice job of filling in the details of a believable counter-narrative. More from McGovern and Binney. “[N]o intelligence … Continue reading

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Wonton Speculation

Fenster writes: Citizenship increasingly resembles a night at the movies.  Better yet, an obscure foreign art film without subtitles.  Better yet, a foreign miniseries with multiple plot lines and seasons, each uncertain climax leading us not to clarity but to … Continue reading

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Mueller? . . . . Mueller? . . .

Fenster writes: Most of my friends are liberal, which in the current era is to say progressive, which in the current moment is to say increasingly illiberal about a lot of things.  A closed mind seems to many to be … Continue reading

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