Partner Training

Paleo Retiree writes:

Jezebel blogger jeers at Reddit Red Pill guys for discussing how to “train” a girlfriend. Safe to assume that her next blogpost will denounce this current trend?


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3 Responses to Partner Training

  1. Will S. says:

    Not bloody likely.

    The latter trend reminds me of this early ’90s R&B song:

    At the time, I found it highly amusing. It’s still kinda funny, can’t help laughing (hey, remember Arsenio’s ‘dog pound’, from the same era?), but the thinking behind it appalls me, esp. in light of the new trend you highlighted.


    • LOL. Funny thing is that I can’t imagine many men (at least of my age and social circles) objecting to the idea that girls/women might think of dealing with ’em as being like dealing with dogs. We *are* rather like dogs. And mutual training *does* happen within all relationships. It’s a marvel that the Jezebel writer has gotten all worked up about this fact.


      • Will S. says:

        Well, if I were married, I hope I’d not be out ‘sniffing around’ (though I’d still look, unapologetically), but then again, nor would I ‘beg’ for ‘table scraps’, and be satisfied thus. 😉

        I dunno; must be a generational and Red Pill thing; but I really think North American women don’t respect their husbands enough, even going back as far as Abigail and John Adams.

        Wife training makes more sense to me, because they will otherwise try to control their husbands, when, as that passage points out, it is the husband’s place to rule, and, as reiterated elsewhere, the wife’s place to submit.


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