Mad Men Notes: S7, Ep11 — “Time & Life”

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


1. Nice to see that this episode was directed by Jared Harris. And speaking of dudes coming off the bench, I’ve noticed that Robert Towne has been named a consulting producer in the closing credits. I wonder if Towne will get co-writing credit on any of the scripts. Is Weiner saving him for the finale?

2. “Greenwich, Connecticut is built on divorced money!”


3. The major plot development this episode is Sterling Cooper physically moving to the McCann offices — from the Time & Life building to 622 Third Avenue. (Above is what the New York McCann office looks like today.) McCann of course frames it as a promotion but Roger, Don, and the rest of the gang view it as a defeat. At first it looked like they would flee to California (maybe Joan still will to be with Captain Pike?) but they seem to have grudgingly accepted it for now.


4. Lou was given his send-off this episode — to make a cartoon of “Scout’s Honor” with the studio that produced “Speed Racer.” Has anyone seen the Wachowskis’ movie version of SR? Might be time for me to check it out.


5. Loved the comic bit where Pete squared off against the school headmaster — the Campbells v. the McDonalds, a WASP version of the Hatfields v. McCoys, I guess.

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