Naked Lady of the Week: Jessi June

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Southern gal Jessi June is solidly built and charmingly indelicate looking. She’s been featured in most of the big American nudey outlets; she’s even been a Penthouse Pet. I wonder, does the title of Penthouse Pet still mean something?

She’s active on Reddit. Here’s one of her comments in reply to someone who is concerned that her boyfriend is spending too much time on the site’s “Gonewild” forum:

As a girl who is both on gonewild and on pornhub, I’ll say that I think you shouldn’t let this bother you as much with how the girls are more “real”. Is it wrong that you told him it makes you uncomfortable and he’s still doing it? Yes. But I think the insecurities with him looking at other girls is the real issue. Whether they’re professional pornstars or faceless gonewilders or chicks snapchatting, it’s still the say endgame. The amateur stuff just doesn’t have the hair, makeup, and photoshop going into it (sometimes), and these days alot of guys prefer that actually. They don’t want the fake anymore. Also, remember a good amount of girls on the amateur sites are actually still cam girls and girls who do it professionally, so… there’s that too.

He isn’t cheating, he isn’t flirting, and if it’s just comments, I’d let it ride sweetie. If it turns into conversations with the girls or something else, then I’d worry… Otherwise, it’s all just fap fantasy. If anything, why not try to share in it with him and see if that helps? Maybe him going “She’s hot, but your butts so much better” will actually end in a confidence boost? Who knows. I wouldn’t let something like this ruin an otherwise (assuming here) healthy relationship…

This shrewd and worldy (and spoken-from-experience) comment was down-voted by Reddit users, and today has a negative rating.


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1 Response to Naked Lady of the Week: Jessi June

  1. Will S. says:

    If the girlfriend thinks her boyfriend is spending too much time in fantasyland, it may be because he’s not getting enough in reality from her. In which case, she can do something about it, if she wants.


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