Blank-Slate Progressivism Under Siege

Paleo Retiree writes:

A question I’ve been wondering about for years: As more and more discoveries emerge from the worlds of evo-bio and genetics, how is the PC-opinion class going to contend? When the “blank slate” part of “blank slate progressivism” gets swept away, will anything at all remain of the progressivism? Yet true believers are of course unlikely to simply fold up shop, admit they’ve been wrong all along and embrace race realism and the Alt-Right. People aren’t generally prone to abandoning their faith that straightforwardly, alas. Instead they’ll cling, while trying desperately to control the conversation and/or torture the facts so they fit into their Utopian framework. Or such is my bet anyway. Well, the process is now underway.

Steve Sailer has a lot of droll fun with Amy Harmon’s lame Times piece. As always, Sailer’s commenters are a brainy and funny bunch. One of them writes, “Amy Harmon is a scientist-whisperer. She gets scientists to say what the SJWs want them to say.”

Bonus link: Razib on the San Bushmen.

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3 Responses to Blank-Slate Progressivism Under Siege

  1. flulrich says:

    in the NY Times article, linked first: “The genetics group’s statement is a step toward trying to equip the public with the tools to understand the evolutionary processes that give rise to patterns of human genetic diversity”. How will those scientists reach the public if they refuse to understand how persuasion works? Oh well, it ain’t easy being an NPC.

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  2. LemmusLemmus says:

    The following is a perfectly consistent position to hold: Some people get dealt a bad hand at birth. They’ll have disadvantages such as low intelligence, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Hence we need redistribution to make things fair.

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    • Fenster says:

      I think that is the way things will break, and break it will. Already you see the stirrings of a reconciliation with science if you look closely. It goes something like: those bad racists cannot be left to make mincemeat of the truth! We do the truth, they do not. The gambit will be to simply move into the science part of the space and act like nothing happened. Squirrel!


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