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Blank-Slate Progressivism Under Siege

Paleo Retiree writes: A question I’ve been wondering about for years: As more and more discoveries emerge from the worlds of evo-bio and genetics, how is the PC-opinion class going to contend? When the “blank slate” part of “blank slate … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Razib reads a book about Confucianism. Speaking of Eastern thinkers, I recently finished and loved Grant Hardy’s Great Courses lecture series about Asian intellectual history. I found it to be a near-ideal overview of a very large field: vivid and … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: The magic of Bill. Razib takes a look at Pygmies. Some good tips from a former Apple Genius about how to help your iPhone’s battery last longer. The big feminist lie? The Basque people, by Orson Welles. The … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Harsh. The era’s most crucial debate rages on. Steve Sailer wonders what’s up with Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam. (Putnam has done studies showing that increasing “diversity” decreases trust levels in neighborhoods and societies — yet he remains a … Continue reading

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