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Notes on “First Reformed”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: “First Reformed” has cozied up to elite movie reviewers (to the extent that such still exist) through its surface resemblance to the films of Bresson and Bergman. In it they imagine they see an expression of … Continue reading

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A Bit More on “Midnight”

Fenster writes: By popular demand, a few more words on Linklater’s Before Midnight. The rules of drama typically involve things like a protagonist and a structure leading to tension and resolution.  Of course the rules are meant to be toyed with, … Continue reading

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“Before Midnight”

(Welcome Marginal Revolution readers.  Feel free to browse.  This is an eclectic blog and you might find something to catch your interest.) Fenster writes: Film may be better at war-war than jaw-jaw, but if you love words as I do you are … Continue reading

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