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A Bit More on “Midnight”

Fenster writes: By popular demand, a few more words on Linklater’s Before Midnight. The rules of drama typically involve things like a protagonist and a structure leading to tension and resolution.  Of course the rules are meant to be toyed with, … Continue reading

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“Before Midnight”

(Welcome Marginal Revolution readers.  Feel free to browse.  This is an eclectic blog and you might find something to catch your interest.) Fenster writes: Film may be better at war-war than jaw-jaw, but if you love words as I do you are … Continue reading

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“Two Days in Paris”

Paleo Retiree writes: The Wife and I managed only 20 minutes of this charmer-wannabe, written and directed by the French actress Julie Delpy, before giving up. It’s about a spatting/loving couple (Adam Goldberg, not very appealing, and Delpy herself), and … Continue reading

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