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Blowhard, Esq. writes:

miamiblues“Are you going to tell me about it, Junior?”
“About what how dumb I was, d’you mean? Sure, I’ll tell you about it. I forgot for a minute that Miami, like any other city, is a dangerous place. I didn’t take my gun to the store, not even my sap. Not only that, I broke my own rule, and I tried to help someone else instead of looking after my own ass. This straight life we’ve been leading has given me a misplaced sense of security, that’s all. For a moment there, I must’ve thought I was some kind of solid citizen. That’s all.”
“But what happened to you?”
“Two guys in a blue Impala ran over me.”
Susan nodded but looked thoughtful. “I thought it must’ve been something like that.”

I loved this Charles Willeford novel, the first book in the Hoke Mosely series, but didn’t care for the 1990 George Armitage movie, even though it featured some nice Jennifer Jason Leigh nudity. You a fan of either? What did you think?


  • The Onion A.V. Club inclues Armitage’s MIAMI BLUES in its New Cult Canon.

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4 Responses to Quote Du Jour

  1. I’m a HUGE Willeford fan, great to hear you enjoy him too. I haven’t read a Willeford yet that I haven’t enjoyed, though “Miami Blues” is certainly near the top of the list. Unlike you I liked the movie, though I found it a very different experience than the book. I took it (and enjoyed it) as a fun, crappy drive-in experience — can’t know for sure, but I think that’s how Armitage intended it, not as an hommage or anything to Willeford. And JJL was amazing, didn’t you think? Even when not-nude.


    • She definitely was. Now that I think more about it, the movie wasn’t that bad. I watched it too soon after reading the book and wasn’t giving Armitage enough room to do his own thing.


      • Funny how expectations and mood and such can affect entertainment experiences. I’m pretty sure I saw the movie before having read any of Willeford, so I went into it with a blank mind, just hoping for a fun time of some sort.


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