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Notes on “Joan the Maid”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: I can’t think of a movie that feels more authentically Medieval than Jacques Rivette’s 1994 “Joan the Maid,” an interpretation of the Joan of Arc story in two very long parts. In it, Rivette, always attentive … Continue reading

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The French Are an Ancient and Opulent People

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: I. Germany (says the Greek Chalcondyles) is of ample latitude from Vienna to the ocean; and it stretches (a strange geography) from Prague in Bohemia to the River Tartessus, and the Pyrenæan Mountains. The soil, except in … Continue reading

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Bronze Is Not the Most Durable of Monuments

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Near three months, without excepting the holy season of Lent, were consumed in skirmishes and preparations, before the Latins were ready or resolved for a general assault. The land fortifications had been found impregnable; and the … Continue reading

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Quote Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes: The mortality in Siena began in May. It was a cruel and horrible thing…It seemed that almost everyone became stupefied seeing the pain. It is impossible for the human tongue to recount the awful truth. Indeed, one who … Continue reading

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Medieval Scholasticism and Legal Reasoning

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Common-law legal reasoning, or the method by which lawyers and judges analyze a problem, has roots that stretch back almost 1,000 years to the educational method known as Scholasticism. Before we get to exactly what Scholasticism is, … Continue reading

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Carolingian Minuscule and Modern Writing

Blowhard, Esq. writes: In the 8th century, Charlemagne, the ruler of the Carolingian empire, had a problem on his hands. Over the centuries, scribes had made so many mistakes when copying the Bible and other texts of the Church fathers … Continue reading

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The Hundred Years’ War, Taxes, and the Modern State

Blowhard, Esq. writes: The Hundred Years’ War (waged from 1337 to 1453, so it was actually 116 years long) was a series of conflicts between England and France over control of the French monarchy. The war actually had roots that went … Continue reading

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Crusader Follies: Peter Bartholomew and the Holy Lance

Blowhard, Esq. writes: One of the first major victories for the Europeans of the First Crusade was the capture of Antioch. After eight months of laying siege to the city, the Christian knights captured it in May 1098. However, their victory … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day

Blowhard, Esq. writes: The purified souls in Purgatory, from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, c. 1412-1416 Related I’ve been enjoying The Great Courses’ lecture on the High Middle Ages. TGC also has a course on the Late Middle … Continue reading

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