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Fuck Clement Greenberg

Blowhard, Esq.¬†writes: In discussions of literature and architecture, I still come across would-be intellectuals who invoke art critic Clement Greenberg’s distinction between the avant-garde and kitsch. Of course, for such people avant-garde is doubleplusgood, while kitsch is one small step … Continue reading

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Art Du Jour: The Velveteria

Blowhard, Esq.¬†writes: When Sir Barken was recently in L.A. on a cultural tour for his daughter, we met up for a day so I could show them around downtown. Sure, LACMA and the Getty are fine, but the city has … Continue reading

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Blowhard, Esq. writes: A kid saves a classmate from a potential stabbing, but Canadian schools don’t want any heroes. Doctors and hospitals are stuck in the 1800s. Michael Kinsley Political Gaffe of the Day. Marxist literary critic Terry Eagleton thinks … Continue reading

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Architecture Conundrums: Solvang

Paleo Retiree writes: Back in the day, one of the main things that any self-respecting arts education drilled into wannabe artsfans was an aversion to kitsch. And not just an aversion to it, but a vehement, cell-level hatred. It’s fake. … Continue reading

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