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R.I.P. Seth Roberts

Blowhard, Esq. writes: I’m shocked and saddened to learn that scientist, professor, self-experimentation advocate, and best-selling author Seth Roberts has died. I was an avid reader of Seth’s blog for years and even met him in person a couple times. Being … Continue reading

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Umami Burger, Revisited

Eddie Pensier writes: Paleo Retiree has blogged about the phenomenon that is Umami Burger. When I learned that the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX had a UB, it was decided that it would be our last meal on this … Continue reading

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Synathesia Alert!

Fenster writes: Umami: No umami:

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More Umami Confessin’

Fenster writes: I just posted about umami–how I was at first flummoxed at the term, how I soon came to understand that my cooking was long a quest for umami without thinking of it as its own thing and how … Continue reading

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Ronco’s Amazing Umami-at-Home!

Fenster writes: I suspect fellow umami lovers at UR (see here, here, here) were, like me, initially thrown by the concept.  How is it that some upstart new taste can shoehorn its way into the the four-way schema we’ve known for our … Continue reading

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